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Modern SMD circuit board assembly

Circuit board assembly robot
Circuit board assembly robot

Circuit board assembly

... whether circuit board layouts, components for sample, prototype or series assembly as a provider of manufacturing services, we offer full assembly of electronics circuit boards, beginning with attentive development support.


WTK manufacturing quality

Circuit board assembly
Circuit board assembly

WTK  manufacturing

Production takes place in an electrostatically protected environment.

Our expertise and years of experience in circuit board assembly offers a solid basis for manufacturing high quality products with first-rate production quality.

When dealing with customer orders and projects, our specialist staff will provide you with support and advice from the start.


WTK range of circuit board services

Circuit board
Circuit board
Circuit board
Circuit board

WTK range of services

  • Fully automatic high-tech SMD assembly using JUKI assembly robot
  • Double-sided SMD assembly
  • We handle all current SMD, BGA and THT components
  • BGA and BGA assembly down to 0.5 mm ball spacing, component range from 0201 to BGA, fine pitch 0.4 mm
  • RoHS compliant production
  • Circuit design
  • Product-oriented layout designs
  • Provision of Gerber data
  • Creation of all raw data required for circuit boards
  • Multi-stage quality test of all components
  • Automatic visual inspection
  • Provision of printed circuit boards and all components
  • Programming and commissioning according to customer requirements
  • Prototyping as zero-series production
  • Pilot production under series conditions